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July 9th 2024



You can now search your thread history.

We've added options to clean your history or delete specific items, keeping things tidy and under your control.

Bookmark important threads and access them in the new Collection tab.

Thanks to @Raunaq Singh for this great suggestion!

LaTeX Rendering

Devv now displays LaTeX correctly. If you prefer LaTeX in code format, just let Devv know. You've got options!

Devv's First Blog is here!!

We've published our first blog post with tips to help you get the most out of Devv's different modes. Check it out to boost your productivity even further!

πŸš€ Unleash AI Search Power with Devv.AI: A Developer's Guide πŸ’»


  • Tripled the input length for Pro users to 36k - more room for complex queries!

  • Enhanced the code file UI in GitHub Mode.

  • Changelog now only shows on the homepage (no more repeats!).

  • Your questions now automatically trim leading and trailing spaces.


  • Resolved the Twitter Open Graph image display issue.

July 2nd 2024




We are overwhelmed by your support. Our mission continues: building a product that understands devs and boosts your productivity. Now, we are back to work! Here are some exciting updates we made in the past week:

Question Re-Editing

You can now edit your search and chat queries. There is no need to start a new thread if you want to change or modify anything. Thank you @ε–œδΈœδΈœ for bringing this to our attention.

Auto Output Language

We noticed users may use different languages when interacting with Devv, and we observed that current SOTA models are able to handle language switches well. We added an Auto option for a more versatile experience. Thank you @David for mentioning this.


  • Gave our Pricing Page a fresh new look.

  • Boosted our website's SEO with optimized metadata and keywords.


  • Squashed a pesky bug where AI responses came up blank in rare cases.

June 21st 2024


We're thrilled to announce the integration of Claude 3.5 Sonnet on Devv! This cutting-edge model from Anthropic brings remarkable enhancements to your search and chat experience:

  • πŸš€ Performance Boost: Claude 3.5 Sonnet operates at twice the speed of Claude 3 Opus, enabling faster processing of complex tasks.

  • ✨ Enhanced Capabilities: Claude 3.5 Sonnet sets new benchmarks in graduate-level reasoning, undergraduate-level knowledge, and coding proficiency.

Devv Pro users can get access to Claude 3.5 Sonnet right away.

Unlock new possibilities for your development workflow with Claude 3.5 Sonnet's enhanced speed, intelligence, and versatility.

June 19th 2024




It's here! You can now connect and chat with JavaScript (JS) and TypeScript (TS) repositories on GitHub. We also added support for Jupyter Notebook files per community request.

Want more language support? Let us know through our Community Hub.

GPT, Claude, and Gemini! All in One Place

We've added Gemini 1.5 Flash and Gemini 1.5 Pro to the model selection panel, available to all users! Spoiler alert: They are super responsive and very good at coding.

Devv Now Offers Student Discount Program with 20% Discount

We know students are among the primary early adopters of AI applications, and we want you to enjoy the power of Devv as well.

Starting today, students can enjoy a 20% discount on their Devv subscription. Simply email with a valid document that proves your student status to claim the discount.


  • User Query Display: Long user queries are now collapsed for improved readability.

  • Enhanced Search Functionality: Added a "Clear" button to the GitHub search bar for easier query refinement.

  • Streamlined Related Questions: The output of related questions has been optimized for a smoother and more seamless experience.


  • Resolved an issue where the output language might be incorrect when accessing an existing thread for the second time.

June 12th 2024


Devv has a new look!

We have been working on a design overhaul for you to get the most out of Devv. And now, you can enjoy greater flexibility, accuracy, and depth in your development workflow, all within a single platform.

Demo video πŸ‘‡

Custom Model Selection

We hear you and have now added model selection of OpenAI's GPT family (3.5/4/4o) and Anthropic's Claude 3 family (Haiku/Sonnet/Opus) to the search panel.

The Pro tier will have unlimited access to all models except Claude Opus (10 times per day). The free tier will have unlimited access to GPT 3.5 and Claude Haiku.

Web Mode/GitHub Mode/Chat Mode

Everything you loved about Devv so far β€” the next-gen search engine for developers, will become Web Mode. Web Mode browses the web for you to provide accurate and up-to-date answers.

When you toggle on "Expert Mode," Devv will take a multi-step reasoning process comprising thinking, understanding, and categorizing to give you better answers for those most complex questions.

GitHub Mode empowers you to have a more contextualized and concentrated experience in interacting with a connected codebase.

We have also added a NEW Chat Mode for you to directly chat with the models for use cases like writing documents, brainstorming, code refinement, etc.

The best part of a next-gen development workflow is in one place now.

Enjoy the new Devv and happy coding!

May 28th 2024


Devv GitHub Mode now supports custom selection of public Python repositories.

GitHub Mode enables you to directly connect to GitHub repositories, providing a new level of interaction with your codebase.

To get started, simply switch to GitHub Mode and select your desired repository. Devv will then perform the necessary indexing process. Please note that for more complex and larger repositories, the indexing process may take a few minutes. Once the indexing is complete, you can start chatting with your codebase.

GitHub Mode empowers you to:

  1. Gain quick insights into open-source and source-available projects:

    1. Understand the project structure and architecture

    2. Explore the functionality and purpose of different modules

    3. Discover how the project has evolved over time

  2. Resolve complex code issues efficiently:

    1. Receive simplified explanations of intricate code segments

    2. Obtain relevant code snippets that demonstrate problem-solving techniques

    3. Gain clarity on challenging concepts and algorithms

  3. Generate new code based on the existing codebase:

    1. Leverage the context of the connected repository

    2. Create new functions, classes, or modules that seamlessly integrate with the existing code

    3. Adapt and extend the codebase to meet specific requirements

All of this is possible within the context of your connected repository.

As part of the public beta, GitHub Mode will continue to expand its functionality in upcoming updates. Future enhancements include support for connecting to private repositories and additional programming languages.

Experience the power of GitHub Mode NOW on Devv.AI today and unlock a world of possibilities for your projects!

May 21st 2024


We’re excited to announce the public beta of GitHub Mode on Devv, our AI-powered search engine tailored for developers. This new feature enhances your coding experience by directly connecting to your GitHub repositories. With GitHub Mode, you can query, retrieve, and generate code directly from your repositories, facilitating a deeper understanding of complex codebases.

What is GitHub Mode?

GitHub Mode is designed to provide seamless interaction with your GitHub repositories. It enables developers to ask questions, search for code snippets, generate code, and gain insights into complex code structures, all within the context of the connected repo.

Key Use Cases

Quick Insight into Open Source Projects

GitHub Mode empowers developers to swiftly gain a comprehensive overview of unfamiliar open source projects. By highlighting key libraries and recurring coding patterns, it helps identify redundant or outdated code, optimizing development efforts and enabling developers to concentrate on innovative solutions rather than duplicating existing functionalities.

Example: Rapidly acquiring a foundational understanding of the Flask framework, focusing on its core components and usage patterns.

Resolving Complex Code Issues

Navigate the complexities of legacy or intricate code with GitHub Mode, which simplifies difficult code segments into easy-to-understand descriptions. This capability is crucial for developers working under strict deadlines or those needing to quickly resolve software bugs or operational issues.

Example: Exploring and clarifying how scaffolding is implemented within the Flask framework, making it easier to modify or enhance the setup.

Code Generation Based on Existing Projects

Utilize GitHub Mode to create new code segments that are informed by and compatible with your existing codebase. This not only ensures consistency and adherence to project standards but also accelerates the development process by reusing established patterns and solutions.

Example: Generating new module extensions or features in a project, using the existing code structure as a guide for maintaining style and functionality consistency.

How Did We Build GitHub Mode?

To create this powerful feature, we developed specialized indexers for each programming language to perform in-depth analysis of code repositories. These indexers:

  • Understand the structure of the entire repository from a high-level perspective.

  • Analyze the relationships between functions and parse Abstract Syntax Trees (AST).

  • Break down code into atomic fragments (functions or classes) and use language models to generate descriptive vector-encoded representations.

  • Interpret user queries semantically by integrating multiple external data sources including code repositories, documentation, and search engines.

Join the Public Beta

Starting today, GitHub Mode is open for public testing and is free to use. Currently, it supports public Python repositories, with plans to extend capabilities to other programming languages and private repositories. We invite you to try it out and share your feedback, which will help us continually improve and evolve GitHub Mode.

May 12th 2024




✨ New

  • GitHub Mode now supports new GitHub repos: LangChain, YOLOv5, LeptonAI, and nanoGPT

  • Introduced Devv Hub ( for feedback, roadmap, and changelog

  • Implemented new user onboarding

πŸ’« Improvements

  • Optimized the performance of GitHub Mode

  • Maintained the same mode within a single thread

  • Updated page title after performing a search

  • Added a secondary confirmation when upgrading from a monthly to an annual subscription

  • Prevented copying partial text during the generation process

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Fast mode would switch to Agent mode after refreshing the page

  • Resolved a "not found" error when clicking on the GitHub source card

  • Fixed layout issues on the main interface when the height was insufficient

  • Corrected an issue where the GitHub card would appear in non-GitHub modes

April 17th 2024




✨ Feature

  • Collapsible & Expandable Sidebar: We've introduced a new feature that allows you to collapse and expand the sidebar. This makes navigation more flexible and ensures you have more space to focus on your search results, especially on smaller screens.

πŸ’« Improvement

  • Fixed Sidebar Display on Mobile Devices: We've addressed and resolved the display issues with the sidebar on mobile devices, ensuring a smoother and more consistent user experience across all devices.

🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Citation Display Bug Fixed: We've corrected a bug that affected the display of citations, ensuring that all references are now shown correctly.

  • Header Display Bug in PWA Fixed: The display issue with the header in the Progressive Web App (PWA) version of Devv has been fixed, enhancing the overall look and functionality.

April 16th 2024




🎨 Sleek new UI design

  • Cleaner, more intuitive interface for enhanced usability

  • Added a sidebar for seamless navigation

  • Numerous UI/UX optimizations for a smoother experience

πŸ“š Citation support

  • Generated responses now include source citations

  • Easily trace information back to its origin for transparency and credibility

🧠 Agent Mode enhancements

  • Fine-tuned Agent Mode for better generation quality and accuracy

  • Smarter, more reliable solutions to complex queries

These updates represent our ongoing commitment to making Devv the ultimate developer sidekick. We're constantly refining the AI, expanding our knowledge sources, and polishing the user experience to keep you in your coding flow.

Stay tuned for even more exciting enhancements in the coming weeks as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible with an AI-powered developer search engine.

Happy coding! πŸŽ‰