April 16th 2024




New UI

🎨 Sleek new UI design

  • Cleaner, more intuitive interface for enhanced usability

  • Added a sidebar for seamless navigation

  • Numerous UI/UX optimizations for a smoother experience

πŸ“š Citation support

  • Generated responses now include source citations

  • Easily trace information back to its origin for transparency and credibility

🧠 Agent Mode enhancements

  • Fine-tuned Agent Mode for better generation quality and accuracy

  • Smarter, more reliable solutions to complex queries

These updates represent our ongoing commitment to making Devv the ultimate developer sidekick. We're constantly refining the AI, expanding our knowledge sources, and polishing the user experience to keep you in your coding flow.

Stay tuned for even more exciting enhancements in the coming weeks as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible with an AI-powered developer search engine.

Happy coding! πŸŽ‰