July 9th 2024



Search thread history and collections are now live!

You can now search your thread history.

We've added options to clean your history or delete specific items, keeping things tidy and under your control.

Bookmark important threads and access them in the new Collection tab.

Thanks to @Raunaq Singh for this great suggestion!

LaTeX Rendering

Devv now displays LaTeX correctly. If you prefer LaTeX in code format, just let Devv know. You've got options!

Devv's First Blog is here!!

We've published our first blog post with tips to help you get the most out of Devv's different modes. Check it out to boost your productivity even further!

πŸš€ Unleash AI Search Power with Devv.AI: A Developer's Guide πŸ’»


  • Tripled the input length for Pro users to 36k - more room for complex queries!

  • Enhanced the code file UI in GitHub Mode.

  • Changelog now only shows on the homepage (no more repeats!).

  • Your questions now automatically trim leading and trailing spaces.


  • Resolved the Twitter Open Graph image display issue.