June 12th 2024


Custom Models, Enhanced Modes, and Improved UX

Devv has a new look!

We have been working on a design overhaul for you to get the most out of Devv. And now, you can enjoy greater flexibility, accuracy, and depth in your development workflow, all within a single platform.

Demo video πŸ‘‡


Custom Model Selection

We hear you and have now added model selection of OpenAI's GPT family (3.5/4/4o) and Anthropic's Claude 3 family (Haiku/Sonnet/Opus) to the search panel.

The Pro tier will have unlimited access to all models except Claude Opus (10 times per day). The free tier will have unlimited access to GPT 3.5 and Claude Haiku.

Web Mode/GitHub Mode/Chat Mode

Everything you loved about Devv so far β€” the next-gen search engine for developers, will become Web Mode. Web Mode browses the web for you to provide accurate and up-to-date answers.

When you toggle on "Expert Mode," Devv will take a multi-step reasoning process comprising thinking, understanding, and categorizing to give you better answers for those most complex questions.

GitHub Mode empowers you to have a more contextualized and concentrated experience in interacting with a connected codebase.

We have also added a NEW Chat Mode for you to directly chat with the models for use cases like writing documents, brainstorming, code refinement, etc.

The best part of a next-gen development workflow is in one place now.

Enjoy the new Devv and happy coding!