May 21st 2024


Introducing GitHub Mode Public Beta: A New Way to Engage with Your Codebase

We’re excited to announce the public beta of GitHub Mode on Devv, our AI-powered search engine tailored for developers. This new feature enhances your coding experience by directly connecting to your GitHub repositories. With GitHub Mode, you can query, retrieve, and generate code directly from your repositories, facilitating a deeper understanding of complex codebases.

What is GitHub Mode?

GitHub Mode is designed to provide seamless interaction with your GitHub repositories. It enables developers to ask questions, search for code snippets, generate code, and gain insights into complex code structures, all within the context of the connected repo.

Key Use Cases

Quick Insight into Open Source Projects

GitHub Mode empowers developers to swiftly gain a comprehensive overview of unfamiliar open source projects. By highlighting key libraries and recurring coding patterns, it helps identify redundant or outdated code, optimizing development efforts and enabling developers to concentrate on innovative solutions rather than duplicating existing functionalities.

Example: Rapidly acquiring a foundational understanding of the Flask framework, focusing on its core components and usage patterns.

Resolving Complex Code Issues

Navigate the complexities of legacy or intricate code with GitHub Mode, which simplifies difficult code segments into easy-to-understand descriptions. This capability is crucial for developers working under strict deadlines or those needing to quickly resolve software bugs or operational issues.

Example: Exploring and clarifying how scaffolding is implemented within the Flask framework, making it easier to modify or enhance the setup.

Code Generation Based on Existing Projects

Utilize GitHub Mode to create new code segments that are informed by and compatible with your existing codebase. This not only ensures consistency and adherence to project standards but also accelerates the development process by reusing established patterns and solutions.

Example: Generating new module extensions or features in a project, using the existing code structure as a guide for maintaining style and functionality consistency.

How Did We Build GitHub Mode?

To create this powerful feature, we developed specialized indexers for each programming language to perform in-depth analysis of code repositories. These indexers:

  • Understand the structure of the entire repository from a high-level perspective.

  • Analyze the relationships between functions and parse Abstract Syntax Trees (AST).

  • Break down code into atomic fragments (functions or classes) and use language models to generate descriptive vector-encoded representations.

  • Interpret user queries semantically by integrating multiple external data sources including code repositories, documentation, and search engines.

Join the Public Beta

Starting today, GitHub Mode is open for public testing and is free to use. Currently, it supports public Python repositories, with plans to extend capabilities to other programming languages and private repositories. We invite you to try it out and share your feedback, which will help us continually improve and evolve GitHub Mode.