May 28th 2024


GitHub Mode Now Supports Custom Python Repos

Devv GitHub Mode now supports custom selection of public Python repositories.

GitHub Mode enables you to directly connect to GitHub repositories, providing a new level of interaction with your codebase.

To get started, simply switch to GitHub Mode and select your desired repository. Devv will then perform the necessary indexing process. Please note that for more complex and larger repositories, the indexing process may take a few minutes. Once the indexing is complete, you can start chatting with your codebase.

GitHub Mode empowers you to:

  1. Gain quick insights into open-source and source-available projects:

    1. Understand the project structure and architecture

    2. Explore the functionality and purpose of different modules

    3. Discover how the project has evolved over time

  2. Resolve complex code issues efficiently:

    1. Receive simplified explanations of intricate code segments

    2. Obtain relevant code snippets that demonstrate problem-solving techniques

    3. Gain clarity on challenging concepts and algorithms

  3. Generate new code based on the existing codebase:

    1. Leverage the context of the connected repository

    2. Create new functions, classes, or modules that seamlessly integrate with the existing code

    3. Adapt and extend the codebase to meet specific requirements

All of this is possible within the context of your connected repository.

As part of the public beta, GitHub Mode will continue to expand its functionality in upcoming updates. Future enhancements include support for connecting to private repositories and additional programming languages.

Experience the power of GitHub Mode NOW on Devv.AI today and unlock a world of possibilities for your projects!